The Cost of Taking Down A Tree From Visalia Tree Removal Company

If you have trees on your property, you need to call a tree service if there is a tree that you need to be removed. A professional tree service is the best option to ensure that you do not get issues once the job is done. You need to ask the tree service their price estimate because different factors contribute to the price of the job. Here are the determiners of the price of taking down a tree.

Size Of The Trunk

The trunk size matters because it determines the kind of tool that is going to be used. Naturally, a large trunk will have to use advanced equipment. That means that the tree service will be likely to charge you more. Most Visalia tree service companies charge around $1200 for a very large tree. A large trunk is also a larger risk, so there is that consideration when the tree service is charging you.

The Height Of The Tree

A tall tree costs more. Most tree services charge the same amount for a tree that is about 30 to 60 feet tall. If it is tall and has a large trunk it costs more than a tree that is tall but has a slightly smaller trunk. A tall tree being felled will bee risky especially if there are buildings nearby. That means that the service will take that into consideration. If they have certain measures that they to ensure the roof or other sections of the buildings are safe, they may tell you to pay more.

Stump Removal

If the process includes stump removal you should be ready to pay more. Most companies charge from $50 to $700 depending on how large the stump is. The stump needs to be removed if the tree is diseased or if the stump will be a hazard when left lying around the property. If you wish to have the tree grow afresh then the price is different. Stump removal also leaves a hole in the ground if the tree had deep roots. The tree service will charge you extra costs to ensure that the stump has been removed and the hole covered.

Clean-up Services

If you want the tree service to clean up the leaves and pieces of branches that have been left around the property they will charge extra, unless they offer this as part of their service. It is always best to inquire if that is the case. This will prevent any misunderstandings after you have hired the service to do the job. It may cost an extra $50-$70 for clean up services.

Tips For Tree Removal

It might be tempting to remove a tree yourself if it has become problematic. This is not a good idea especially if you do not have the proper equipment. Not only is it a risk to you but it is also risky for any property that is nearby. Ensure that you call a professional. In the end, you may be surprised that it is more cost-efficient because you do not have to pay for damage or face fatal injuries.